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GP2000H-D422-10M RS-422 cable with D-Sub connector

Proface GP2000H-D422-10M Manual And Instructions
GP2000H-D422-10M User's Manual

Proface GP2000H-D422-10M Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: RS-422 cable with D-Sub connector
Model: GP2000H-D422-10M
Portable GP2000H series models accessories, RS-422 cable with D-Sub connector (10 meters).

A connector that connects the DIO interface for connecting an external I/O device (5 sets).Applicable to GLC-2600/2500, the need for bus converter (PSL-CONV00).3.5 inch screen protective cover (1 pieces)10.4 inches (TFT), the GP will be installed to the hard panel to provide dust and moisture proof function GP2000H-D422-10M. Touch screen anti ultraviolet protective film (1 pieces).Used to prevent disconnection of the connection (1 interface, 5 / set) GP2000H-D422-10M10.4 inch screen protective cover (1 pieces)Apply to GLC-2600/2500Portable GP2000H series models accessories, RS-422 single head cable (3 m).Used to convert RGB to DVI-AGP-230/250/270 series is replaced by ST series, the gap filled with the opening of the panelDurable cable for connecting GP3000H adapter and GP3000H GP2000H-D422-10M. 5.7 inches, replace the backlight (1 / set)For 3.8 inch models, connect the connector to the DIO interface. For connecting external I/O devices. (5 / set)Disposable battery (1 blocks) for backing up clock data.2GB, for the implementation of the picture save, log and data backup and other data management operations, such as compression flash memory card GP2000H-D422-10M. Portable GP2000H series models accessories, RS-232 single head cable (3 m).Connect to USB printer (Type-B).When the man-machine interface is installed to the fixed panel to provide dust proof and moisture proof function. (1)GP3000H replacement label (5 sheets / set)12.1 inch /10.4 inch (STN), thin film for surface protection of man-machine interface from fingerprints, water droplets, dust and oil pollution (5 / set).Touch panel operation for RGB input modules (Master - from: Mini-B)COM1 interface with the cable for direct connection to the CPU series PLC QCOM2 adaapter for converting the COM2 interface to the RS-422 terminal blockUsed to display analog RGB (2 channels) on the GP3000Adapter for EX module (5 / set)A1/A2/B+ DIO Type connector (compression type) (5 / set)GP2500S useCOM1 pin adappter, which is used to connect the communication components that are dedicated to the COM2 interface to the COM1 interface of the man-machine interface GP2000H-D422-10M GP2000H-D422-10M.

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