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GP2000H-D232-3M RS-232 cable with D-Sub connector

Proface GP2000H-D232-3M Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: RS-232 cable with D-Sub connector
Model: GP2000H-D232-3M
Portable GP2000H series models accessories, RS-232 cable with D-Sub connector (3 meters).

5.7 inches, for the protection of the man-machine interface from oil and chemical pollution (5 / set).5.7 inches, replace the backlight (1 / set)5.7 inches thin film used for surface protection of man-machine interface from fingerprints, water droplets, dust and oil pollution (5 / set)I/O module, including 32 point NPN/PNP inputExtended cable for connecting USB (Type-A) (LT) interface GP2000H-D232-3M GP2000H-D232-3M Converting SIO to RS-422 terminal blockClock battery, save system date and time when power is off.The nut for mounting the display module (10 / set).Used to display analog RGB (2 channels) on the GP3000Connector for connecting a serial port (1)Used to install the human machine interface to the fixed panel (2 / cover) GP2000H-D232-3M. Touch screen anti ultraviolet protective film (1 pieces).Used for converting the D-Sub 9 pin convex joint to the D-Sub 25 pin concave jointAdapter for EX module (5 / set)The host controller is connected to the host computer interface, which is used for multiple connection (n:1) communication.For 3.8 inch models, prevent cable loose from the USB cable fastening clip (5 / set).Used to connect the GP2000H series RS-422 conversion adapter with GP3000H, with D-Sub connectors GP2000H-D232-3M.
Length: 10 meters. Applicable to GLC-2600/2500, the need for bus converter (PSL-CONV00).For 3.8 inch models, connect the connector to the DIO interface. For connecting external I/O devices. (5 / set)To prevent the connection of disconnected USB cable fastening clips (Type-A USB, 1 interface, 5 / set)512MB, for the implementation of the picture save, log and data backup and other data management operations, such as compression flash memory card.When thhe man-machine interface is installed to the hard panel to provide dust and moisture proof function (1)Connector for connecting DC power cord GP2000H-D232-3M. (right angle, 5 / set)GP3000H portable slingFor connecting the GP3000H cable connector andd the external output port, the output of the following connectors: serial: D-Sub 9 pin (convex), Ethernet: Jack RJ-45 (Modular), other: terminal block GP2000H-D232-3M.

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