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GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M RS-422 converter cable

Proface GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M Manual And Instructions
GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M User's Manual

Proface GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: RS-422 converter cable
Model: GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M
Length: 3 meters

When the man-machine interface is installed to the hard panel to provide dust and moisture proof function (1)10.4 inches or larger, when installed to provide the function of dust and moisture3 / sets1-0 DVI standard (DVI-D 24 pin convex connector)The main body module and the separate display module are used for connecting the main machine module and the separate display module in the DIN guide rail GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M Standard interface cable for connecting GP and external devices (such as the main controller), with a universal filter.
Length of 10 meters. GP-230/250/270 series is replaced by ST series, the gap filled with the opening of the panel7.4 inches, replace the backlight (1 / set)Screen protection cover (1 pieces) for protecting screen against pollution of man-machine interfaceTo prevent the connection of disconnected USB cable fastening clips (Mini-B USB, 1 interface, 5 / set)Used to install the human machine interface to the fixed panel (2 / cover) GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M. Suitable for LT4000M/GP4000M series modules, 3.5 inch.Apply to GLC-2600/25005.7 inches, for the protection of the man-machine interface from oil and chemical pollution (5 / set) GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M. Used to convert RGB to DVI-AAdapter for EX module (5 / set)When the man-machine interface is installed to the fixed panel to provide dust proof and moisture proof function. (1)I/O expansion module, including the 8 point relay /1 public endThe Video-Mix module (262000 color video input, 4 channel x, DVI input DVI output x 1 channel, 1 channel x, VGA/SVGA/XGA) *115 pin I/O joint (joint Ax1, joint Bx1) and 6 pin I/O connector (joint Cx 1, connector Dx1). Note: joints A and B are different, the joints C and D different. GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M. 1GB, for the implementation of the picture save, log and data backup and other data management operations, such as compression flash memory card.Screen protection cover (1 pieces) for protecting screen against pollution of maan-machine interface10 GP2000H-AP70CB-D422-3M. 4 inches (TFT), the replacement of the host backlight (1).Used to install the man-machine interface to the fixed panel. (4 / set)

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