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FP-DV01-100 DVI-D cable (10 m)

Proface FP-DV01-100 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: DVI-D cable (10 m)
Model: FP-DV01-100
1-0 DVI standard (DVI-D 24 pin convex connector)

A1/A2/B+ DIO Type connector (compression type) (5 / set)Expansion module for the GP3000 access to the CANopen network and communication with the CANopen master stationI/O expansion module, including the 8 point relay /1 public endThe man-machine interface directly connected MITSUBISHI electric PLC Q series CPU programming port FP-DV01-100. 3 / setsFitting on NETWORK FLEX interface. Connecting NETWORK FLEX communication cable FP-DV01-100 (5 / set)Cable for connecting GP3000 to various modulesGP3000H replacement label (5 sheets / set)Interface module for the simultaneous use of A/QnA/FX series external controllerThe host controller is connected to the host computer interface, which is used for multiple connection (n:1) communication FP-DV01-100. Disposable battery (1 blocks) for backing up clock data.For the direct connection of the MITSUBISHI FX series CPU PLC (not to be used at the same time, the programmer) length: 5 meters.12 way 2 digital signals into analog signals and output results13 pin input connectors for HTB and 16 pin output connectors. (1 / set)Touch panel operation for RGB input modules (Master - from: Mini-B)The three color tower lamp installed on the fixed panel is connected with the human machine interface through the USB interface FP-DV01-100. Converting 4 analog signals into digital signalsFor 5.7 inch models, for the 5.7 inch man-machine interface into the LT series (A/B/B+/C/H Type) of the opening.A veneer, for the GP4000 series back loading models of full flush (white, 1)Connector for connecting DC power cord. (linear, 5 / set)GP4000 series back mounted model of waterproof rubber gasket. (1)Screen protection cover (1 pieces) for protecting screen against pollutionn of man-machine interfaceLength: 5 meters FP-DV01-100. For the DVI input to GP3000Used in a variety of host and man-machine interface for RS-422 connectionGP2500S useWhen the man-machine interface is installed to the fixed panel to provide dust prooof and moisture proof function FP-DV01-100. (1)Disposable supplies used to protect the screen from the pollution of the man-machine interface film (5 sheets / sets)

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