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FP-CV02-45 RGB high quality cable (4.5 m)

Proface FP-CV02-45 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: RGB high quality cable (4.5 m)
Model: FP-CV02-45
Used to output the image signal from the host computer to GP

3.8 inches, GP installed to the hard panel to provide dust and moisture proof function.Transmission screen data, such as the USB cable, PC (Type-A USB) to the man-machine interface USB (Type-A)Touch screen anti ultraviolet protective film (1 pieces).Mounting screws (4 sets) to be fitted to the hard panel at the interface of the machine FP-CV02-45. To prevent the connection of disconnected USB cable fastening clips (Type-A USB, 1 interface, 5 / set)Slave station module for connecting support for CANopenWhen the man-machine interface is installed to the fixed panel to provide dust proof and moisture proof function FP-CV02-45 (1)Standard interface cable for connecting GP and external devices (such as the main controller), with a universal filter FP-CV02-45.
Length of 10 meters. GLC2300 is not availableFor the direct connection of the MITSUBISHI A series CPU PLC (not to be used at the same time, the programmer) length: 5 meters.For connecting GP operation data with D-Sub RS-232C and power /DIO terminals.Used in a variety of host and man-machine interface for RS-422 connectionFor connecting the GP3000H cable connector and the external output port, the output of the following connectors: serial: D-Sub 9 pin (convex), Ethernet: Jack RJ-45 (Modular), other: terminal block FP-CV02-45. 256MB, for the implementation of the picture save, log and data backup and other data management operations, such as compression flash memory card.GP4000 series back mounted model of waterproof rubber gasket. (1)Used to prevent disconnection. (1 interface, 5 / set)7.5 inches, GP installed to the hard panel to provide dust and moisture proof function.Used to install the GP3000H series to a commercially available suppport arm or panel FP-CV02-45. 12.1 inch screen protective cover (1 pieces)Applicable to GLC-2600/2500, the need for bus converter (PSL-CONV00).Expansion module for the GP3000 access to the DeviceNet network and communication with the DeviceNet masterr station10 FP-CV02-45. 4 inches and above, used to connect the power cord (5 / set).OMRON SYSMAC series PLC or other main controller) connected to GP, length: 5 m.

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