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Proface Proface PFXZCBCBCVUSR41 Price

Brand: Proface
Country: JAPAN
Name: USB/RS-422/485 conversion adapter
Price: 0
Expansion module for the GP3000 access to the CC-Link network and communication with the CC-Link master station (support for intelligent devices)"Type: no stop switch and key switch
Display type: TFT color LCD.
Display size: 5.7 inch.
Display color: 65536 color (no flicker), 16384 color (flashing).
Resolution (pixel) x:640 480 (VGA).
Memory: 32MB.
Data backup: 320KB SRAM.
Emergency stop switch provides 3 colors of red, yellow and grey PFXZCBCBCVUSR41
3 position enable switch with forced contact disconnect function.
Key switch without pressing the emergency stop switch can also be mobile devices.
Very light.
The high visibility of the configuration of the 65536 color TFT color LCD.
High definition and wide viewing angle to bring excellent visual effects.
Easily replace GP3000H series"The built-in CF interface, the production data management and maintenance more smooth and simple picture.
Screen size: 12.1 inches.
Display type: TFT color LCD.
Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels.
Display color: 256 color.
Internal memory: FEPROM 4MB.
Backup memory: SRAM 128KB.
Production site data or data can be collected through the Pro-Server immediately to PC a variety of applications.
Automatic acquisition of production data and can improve the quality and productivity.
Touch panel operation is easier to set.
In the programmable man-machine interface screen can display the Windows font you need into image data.
Now you can increase the font in the general conversion coefficient of 8, 2, 4 and 1,
And zoom in between 1 and 8.
This allows you to precisely adjust the font size to suit your layout.
Simple arrangement of components and markers to select 1200 of the available styles can be quickly and easily create the screen.
Touch input unit, start input mode.
Increase the number of times, the cumulative time and alarm level message.
Alarm sort function (according to the date, the number of times, etc.).
Increase in the number of clocks, from the previous 3 to 8.
Different colors represent different levels of information.
Multiple input items, can be specified in the input sequence function (also can specify the group).
When the individual setting parameters are changed, the notification bit can be set.
Automatically bounce the keyboard position, can be more flexible settings.
High definition picture resolution function menu for beginners to learn programming design.
The parts list and edit images are in the same window,
So you can use a simple drag and drop action,
Pull the parts into the edit screen to quickly and easily configure the components you need.
Move the mouse to the appropriate parts of the image, there will be a description of the operation of the parts,
Help you make the edit screen.
Using Tags can make the picture editing more flexible.
Up to 3 windows can be displayed at the same time (in which 2 Tag U window).
Display history alarm data. "
PFXZCBCBCVUSR41 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=PFXZCBCBCVUSR41&select=5

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