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GP3000H-CBLH-10M GP3000H no joint hard straight cable (10 m)

Proface GP3000H-CBLH-10M Manual And Instructions
GP3000H-CBLH-10M User's Manual

Proface GP3000H-CBLH-10M Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: GP3000H no joint hard straight cable (10 m)
Model: GP3000H-CBLH-10M
Durable interface cable for connecting GP with external devices (such as the main controller), equipped with a universal filter.

USB interface products: without the base of the tower lights, 3 sections, can be changed color and flashing display, the configuration of the buzzer.Touch screen anti ultraviolet protective film (1 pieces).The man-machine interface directly connected MITSUBISHI electric PLC Q series CPU programming port GP3000H-CBLH-10M. A veneer, for the GP4000 series back loading models of full flush (white, 1)When the man-machine interface is installed to the fixed panel to provide dust proof and moisture proof function GP3000H-CBLH-10M (1)Cable for transmitting an image signal from an Pro-face host to a Pro-face industrial display or other commercial display device (24- DVI-D pin convex).For the direct connection of the MITSUBISHI FX series CPU PLC (not to be used at the same time, the programmer) length: 1 meters GP3000H-CBLH-10M. Backup battery for time and data backup (1).The module is used for mounting on the back board of the GLC2000 series host computer. Then you can install the GP77R series or GLC100 series of medium size expansion module in the module on the outward side.Video-Mix module (32000 color, video input x 4 channel, analog RGB input x 1 channel, analog RGB output x 1 channel, VGA/SVGA)Used to install the human machine interface to the fixed panel (2 / cover) GP3000H-CBLH-10M. Suitable for LT4000M/GP4000M series modules, 3.5 inch.A1/A2/B+ DIO Type connector (welding type) (5 / set)Disposable supplies used to protect the screen from the pollution of the man-machine interface film (5 sheets / sets)B/B+/C FLEX NETWORK Type connector (5)One end is a loose wire, which is used to carry out RS-232C connection between the host and LT.Used for surface protection of man-machine interface from oil and chemical pollution (5 / set).Suitable for LT4000M/GP4000M series modules, 5 GP3000H-CBLH-10M. 7 inch. For 5.7 inch models, for fixing the hooks of the three EX modules.Disposable film (5 sheets / sets) for protecting screen against contamination of human computer interfaceUsed to connect the 2-Port adapteer to GP4000Standard interface cable for connecting GP and external devices (such as the main controller), with a universal filter GP3000H-CBLH-10M.
Length of 3 meters.

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