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PSM-CONV00 Bus converter

Proface PSM-CONV00 Manual And Instructions
PSM-CONV00 Instruction Sheet

Proface PSM-CONV00 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: Bus converter
Model: PSM-CONV00
The module is used for mounting on the back board of the GLC2000 series host computer. Then you can install the GP77R series or GLC100 series of medium size expansion module in the module on the outward side.

The man-machine interface directly connected MITSUBISHI electric PLC FX series CPU programming port.Used to connect to an external device (Type-A RS-422/RS-485 interface) to an external device (USB interface).To prevent the connection of disconnected USB cable fastening clips (Mini-B USB, 1 interface, 5 / set)GP2500S useDirect interface Matsushita Electric PLC FP series CPU port PSM-CONV00. 3.4 Inch Touch Screen anti UV protective film (1 pieces) PSM-CONV00Mounting screws (4 sets) to be fitted to the hard panel at the interface of the machine.Touch screen anti ultraviolet protective film (1 pieces).7.4 inches, installed to provide the function of dust and moisture10.4 inch screen protective cover (1 pieces)COM1 interface with the cable (RS-232C), used to connect directly to the CPU series PLC FX (not the same time using the programming controller)Disposable film (5 sheets / sets) for protecting screen against contamination of human computer interfaceMemory for extending EX GP-Pro alarm and character table functions PSM-CONV00. Length: 5 meters.Touch panel operation for RGB input modules (Master - from: Mini-B)For multi connection communication, length: 5 meters PSM-CONV00. I/O module, including 32 point NPN/PNP inputBackup battery for time and data backup (1).Data transmission cable between host and LT series. Length: 5 meters.Extension cable for connecting USB (Type-A) interface to front panel.Portable GP2000H series models accessories, RS-232 cable with D-Sub connector (3 meters).10.4 inch TFT models applicable parts, for the 10.4 inch man machine interface (TFT) into the 10.4 inch GP2500 (TFT) in the installation of the required accessories.LT seal on the control panel.10.4 inches (TFT), the GP will be installed to the harrd panel to provide dust and moisture proof function PSM-CONV00. 12 way 4 digital signals into analog signals and output resultsFor the direct connection of the MITSUBISHI A series CPU PLC (not to be used at the same time, the programmer) length: 5 mmeters PSM-CONV00. 10.4 inches (TFT), thin film for surface protection of man-machine interface from fingerprints, water droplets, dust and oil pollution (5 / set).

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