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GP3000H-WMA-01 Wall hanging bracket

Proface GP3000H-WMA-01 Manual And Instructions
GP3000H-WMA-01 User's Manual

Proface GP3000H-WMA-01 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: Wall hanging bracket
Model: GP3000H-WMA-01
Used to install the GP3000H series to a commercially available support arm or panel.

Touch screen anti ultraviolet protective film (1 pieces).For multi connection communication, length: 5 meters.For 3.8 inch models, prevent cable loose from the USB cable fastening clip (5 / set).The three color tower lamp installed on the fixed panel is connected with the human machine interface through the USB interface GP3000H-WMA-01. The main controller is connected to the man-machine interface for MPI communicationDurable cable for connecting GP3000H adapter and GP3000H GP3000H-WMA-01A connector that connects the DIO interface for connecting an external I/O device (5 sets).Length: 5 meters.4.3 Inch Touch Screen anti UV protective film (1 pieces).Disposable film (5 sheets / sets) for protecting screen against contamination of human computer interface GP3000H-WMA-01. One end is a loose wire, which is used to carry out RS-232C connection between the host and LT.COM1 interface with the cable (RS-232C), used to connect directly to the SYSMAC connection module (or other host)Portable GP2000H series models accessories, RS-422 single head cable (10 m).A veneer, for the GP4000 series back loading models of full flush (white, 1)Expansion module for the GP3000 access to the DeviceNet network and communication with the DeviceNet master station3 / sets7 GP3000H-WMA-01. 4 inches or larger, for external reset input, NETWORK FLEX communication, audio output. AUX connector, L typeApplicable to GLC-2600/2500, the need for bus converter (PSL-CONV00).With the installation of screws (4 / sets), for the GP4000 series back mounted to the fixed panel models. (2 / set)Standard cable for connecting GP3000H adapter and GP3000H.
Length: 10 meters. CFast cards (32GB, SLC,) inserted in the CFast slot for storage.Disposable film (55 sheets / sets) for protecting screen against contamination of human computer interfaceThe main body module and the separate display module are used for connecting the main machine module and the separate display module in the DIN guuide rail GP3000H-WMA-01 GP3000H-WMA-01. LT4000M (module type analog), NPN output, DC24V (host).5.7 inches, GP installed to the hard panel to provide dust and moisture proof function.

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