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GP2000H-STRAP11 Suspension sling

Proface GP2000H-STRAP11 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: Suspension sling
Model: GP2000H-STRAP11
For the man-machine interface hanging in the neck lanyard.

With the installation of screws (4 / sets), for the GP4000 series back mounted to the fixed panel models. (2 / set)Cable for transmitting an image signal from an Pro-face host to a Pro-face industrial display or other commercial display device (24- DVI-D pin convex).10.4 inches and above, used to connect the power cord (5 / set) GP2000H-STRAP11. Used for surface protection of man-machine interface from oil and chemical pollution (5 / set) GP2000H-STRAP115.7 inches, for the protection of the man-machine interface from oil and chemical pollution (5 / set).Disposable film (5 sheets / sets) for protecting screen against contamination of human computer interfaceStandard interface cable for connecting GP and external devices (such as the main controller), with a universal filter GP2000H-STRAP11.
Length of 5 meters. The main controller is connected to the man-machine interface for MPI communicationLength: 5 meters.Support CANopen from the station module, with a 12 point digital input, 6 point relay output and 2 point transistor PNP output. Up to 7 EX modules can be connected.Replaceable anti fouling film for protecting screen protective film (5 sheets / cover) GP2000H-STRAP11. Used to prevent accidental operation. Includes 3 mounting screws.For 3.8 inch models, prevent cable loose from the USB cable fastening clip (5 / set).To prevent the connection of disconnected USB cable fastening clips (Mini-B USB, 1 interface, 5 / set)LT fasteners installed on the control panel (4 / set)For thin film surface protection of man-machine interface from fingerprints, water droplets, dust and oil pollution (5 / set)Input / output hybrid I/O modules, including 16 point NPN/PNP input and 16 point NPN transistor outputApplicable to GLC-2600/2500, the need for bus converterr (PSL-CONV00) GP2000H-STRAP11. LT seal on the control panel.Slave station module for connecting support for CANopenThe main controller is connected to the host computer interface (can be switched between RS-232C and RS-422) using the isolation modulle GP2000H-STRAP11. USB interface products: without the base of the tower lights, 3 sections, can be changed color and flashing display, the configuration of the buzzer.

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