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CA9-CANALL/EX-01 CANopen slave station module

Proface CA9-CANALL/EX-01 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: CANopen slave station module
Model: CA9-CANALL/EX-01
Expansion module for the GP3000 access to the CANopen network and communication with the CANopen master station

Touch screen anti ultraviolet protective film (1 pieces).Used to connect the GP2000H series RS-422 conversion adapter with GP3000H, with D-Sub connectors.
Length: 3 meters. Interface module for the simultaneous use of A/QnA/FX series external controllerApplicable to GLC-2600/2500, the need for bus converter (PSL-CONV00) CA9-CANALL/EX-01. 7 inch widescreen display module installed on the senior panel adapter GP-2400, GP-3400 and GP-4400 series of holes CA9-CANALL/EX-01Durable interface cable for connecting GP with external devices (such as the main controller), equipped with a universal filter.When the man-machine interface is installed to the fixed panel to provide dust proof and moisture proof function. (1)Portable GP2000H series models accessories, RS-422 single head cable (10 m) CA9-CANALL/EX-01. Connector for connecting DC power cord (5)Disposable film (5 sheets / sets) for protecting screen against contamination of human computer interfaceCable for connecting GP3000 to various modulesThe Video-Mix module (262000 color video input, 4 channel x, DVI input DVI output x 1 channel, 1 channel x, VGA/SVGA/XGA) *1Mounting screws (4 sets) to be fitted to the hard panel at the interface of the machine CA9-CANALL/EX-01. For connecting the GP3000H cable connector and the external output port, the output of the following connectors: serial: D-Sub 9 pin (convex), Ethernet: Jack RJ-45 (Modular), other: terminal block.5.7 inches, replace the backlight (1 / set)10.4 inches (TFT), replace the backlight (2 / set)Screen protection cover (1 pieces) for protecting screen against pollution of man-machine interfaceA1/A2/B+ DIO Type connector (compression type) (5 / set)5.7 inches thin film uused for surface protection of man-machine interface from fingerprints, water droplets, dust and oil pollution (5 / set) CA9-CANALL/EX-01. Replaceable anti fouling film for protecting screen protective film (5 sheets / cover).Connect to USB printer ((Type-B) CA9-CANALL/EX-01. COM1 interface with the cable (RS-232C), used to connect directly to the CPU series PLC FX (not the same time using the programming controller)

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