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CA2-ISOALL232-01 RS-232C isolation module

Proface CA2-ISOALL232-01 Manual And Instructions
CA2-ISOALL232-01 User's Manual

Proface CA2-ISOALL232-01 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: RS-232C isolation module
Model: CA2-ISOALL232-01

Input / output hybrid I/O modules, including 32 point NPN/PNP input and 32 point NPN transistor outputOne end is a loose wire, which is used to carry out RS-232C connection between the host and LT.Transmission screen data, such as the USB cable, PC (Type-A USB) to the man-machine interface USB (Type-A)Some types of PLC are not connected CA2-ISOALL232-01. Length: 5 meters.Screen protection cover (1 pieces) for protecting screen against pollution of man-machine interfaceGP3000H portable slingLT seal on the control panel CA2-ISOALL232-013.4 Inch Touch Screen anti UV protective film (1 pieces).Used to interface the main machine output serial port (D-sub 9 pin concave type) directly connected to the RS-422 terminal block.A1/A2/B+ DIO Type connector (welding type) (5 / set)1-0 DVI standard (DVI-D 24 pin convex connector)Adapter for converting an audio output portion of a AUX adapter into a Jack Pin socket CA2-ISOALL232-01. I/O module, including 32 point NPN/PNP input10.4 inch TFT models applicable parts, for the 10.4 inch man machine interface (TFT) into the 10.4 inch GP2500 (TFT) in the installation of the required accessories.The PC adapter for PCMCIA slot read CF card required CA2-ISOALL232-01. 10.4 inches (STN), the replacement of the host backlight (2 / set).7.5 inches, GP installed to the hard panel to provide dust and moisture proof function.Disposable film (5 sheets / sets) for protecting screen against contamination of human computer interface12 way 4 digital signals into analog signals and output resultsStandard cable for connecting GP3000H adapter and GP3000H.
Length: 10 meters. GP-230/250/270 series is replaced by ST series, the gap filled with the opening of the panelUsed for ssurface protection of man-machine interface from oil and chemical pollution (5 / set) CA2-ISOALL232-01. 1GB, for the implementation of the picture save, log and data backup and other data management operations, such as compression flash memory card.CCable for transmitting an image signal from an Pro-face host to a Pro-face industrial display or other commercial display device (24- DVI-D pin convex) CA2-ISOALL232-01.

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