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PFXZCBOP41 Instruction Sheet ()

Brand: Proface
Product model: PFXZCBOP41
Name: Safety Light Curtain
Sort: Instruction Sheet
File language: English
File size: 1.06MB
Disposable supplies used to protect the screen from the pollution of the man-machine interface film (5 sheets / sets)GP2500S useAnalog /NPN output type.
Display size: 5.7 inches.
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA).
Color: 65536 color.
Ethernet interface: 1.
Serial port: 1.
CANopen interface: 1 PFXZCBOP41 Instruction Sheet.
USB (host):1.
USB (equipment):1.
Built in DIO input: 12 points.
Built in DIO output: 6 points PFXZCBOP41
Built in AIO input: 4 points.
Built in AIO output: 2 points.
Common DIO:2 point high speed counter (with synchronous output) pulse capture input.
Dedicated DIO:2 point pulse output, PWM output.
Expansion module EX module: none.
Expansion module CANopen module: 63 stations.
Controller memory size: EPROM 132KB FLASH (equivalent to 15000 steps (up to 60000 steps) PFXZCBOP41 Instruction Sheet.
CANopen network
LT4000M supports data exchange with a variety of remote devices through the CANopen, easy to achieve economic and easy to use system design.
Can choose standard I/O module, also can choose action or control module and other more advanced products in complex application.
Flexible installation.
The control module can be installed on the DIN guide rail by using the split installation cable,
And the display module is installed in other locations PFXZCBOP41 Instruction Sheet.
Display module occupies a small space, even if the space is limited, but also can be flexible to install.
Compact size.
The volume is small but the display is fresh and bright, can create a rich and readable operation picture.
The control function of the whole and the digital I/O, analog I/O, analog temperature input and USB, serial port and Ethernet communication interface.
Integrated design.
Adopt integrative design, compact structure,
When the installation is only required to open a hole in the panel 22mm.
The display module or the control module can be easily replaced when the fault is eliminated. Used to connect the 2-Port adapter to GP4000Digital small keyboard with USB interface.Input voltage: DC24V.
Screen size: 10.4 inches.
Display type (resolution):65536 color TFT display LCD (VGA 640 x 480 pixels).
Touch panel type: analog resistance.
Memory: 32MB (internal memory), SRAM320KB (backup memory), SRAM64KB (variable area).
Ethernet interface: 1.
Serial port: RS-232C * 1, RS-422/485 * 1.
SD card slot (max 32GB):1.
USB interface: Type-A x (2) USB 1, Mini-B USB (2) x 1.
Replaceable battery: yes.
Alarm analysis function block: yes.
Panel opening size:
Wide 259 x high 201mm (+1/0mm)
Panel thickness: 1.6-5mm, chamfer radius is less than R3.
Coating models: there.
Meet a number of standards to support a wide range of applications
The coating components are widely used in various working environments, and are in line withh the international standards PFXZCBOP41 Manual.
Remote data acquisition and management.
Human machine interface, which is installed on the production machine,
With EX Microsoft software combined with Office Pro-Server and SQL and other standard PC software,
Can be simple and economical to establish a set of data management system, and effectively improve the quality of production and efficiency PFXZCBOP41 Manual.
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