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PFXGP4301TAD 5.7 Inch Touch Screen

Proface PFXGP4301TAD Manual And Instructions
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PFXGP4301TAD User's Manual

Proface PFXGP4301TAD Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: 5.7 Inch Touch Screen
Model: PFXGP4301TAD
Input voltage: DC24V.
Screen size: 5.7 inches.
Display type (resolution):65536 color TFT display LCD (QVGA 320 x 240 pixels).
Touch panel type: analog resistance.
Memory: 16MB (internal memory), SRAM320KB (backup memory), SRAM64KB (variable area).
Ethernet interface: 1.
Serial port: RS-232C * 1, RS-422/485 * 1.
SD card slot (max 32GB):1.
USB interface: Type-A x (2) USB 1, Mini-B USB (2) x 1.
Replaceable battery: yes.
Alarm analysis function block: yes.
Panel opening size:
Wide 118.5 x high 92.5mm (+1/0mm).
Panel thickness: 1.6-5mm, chamfer radius is less than R3.
Simplify troubleshooting.
Using alarm analysis function, can grasp the cause of the fault in time.
Just a few clicks, you can set the alarm analysis screen,
Analysis of the status data of the register related to the alarm.
Remote monitoring and control.
Using remote monitoring software EX GP-Viewer,
Can be from a running PC system Windows remote monitoring of the production scene of the man-machine interface screen.

Specifications: DC24/ coated models.
Display type: TFT color LCD.
Display size: 12.1 inches.
Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels (SVGA).
Display color: 65536 color (no flash) /16384 color (3 speed flicker).
Backlight: cold cathode tube (replaceable).
Brightness adjustment: 8 level adjustment can be carried out by touch panel PFXGP4301TAD.
Variable area: 64KB SRAM (using lithium battery).
Program area: EPROM 132KB FLASH PFXGP4301TAD
Step number: equivalent to 15000 steps.
Touch panel type: resistance type (analog).
Can improve the efficiency of the 5 functions.
Using EX GP-Pro can easily create a clear picture and save the creation time.
Screen and logic programming software EX GP-Pro interface is very friendly,
The drag and drop feature makes the software interface easy to operate PFXGP4301TAD.
EX GP-Pro powerful features, such as 3D simulation components, image fonts and simulation functions,
Even beginners can easily and quickly grasp how to create a picture.
Rich sample images can reduce programming time.
Pro-face provides a large number of sample images and 3D parts,
So you can easily create a beautiful and intuitive picture, in order to save editing time PFXGP4301TAD. Display type: TFT color LCD.
Screen size: 7 inch widescreen.
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels (WVGA).
Effective display area: H85.92mm * W154.08mm.
Display color: 65536 color.
Backlight: LED.
Brightness adjustment: 8 level adjustment can be carried out by touch panel.
Backlight lamp life: 20000 hours or more (in a 25 C environment, continuous work - brightness decreased to 50% of the original).
Language: Chinese (simplified).
Character size: 8 x 8 pixels, 8 x 16 pixels, 16 x 16 pixels and 32 x 32 pixels.
Font size: 2, 4,, 8, 1,, 2,,, 1, 8, and 4 times.
Interface: x1 RS-232C, x1 RRS-422/485, Type-A x1 USB, Mini-B x1 USB (for the project file upload / download) PFXGP4301TAD.
Input voltage: DC24V.
Using 65536 color 3D simulation components, you can create a beautiful appearance of the operation of the screen.
Due to the use off a widescreen display, so in a picture can also place a keyboard PFXGP4301TAD.
Variety of switches and lights and other basic functions can be used in 65536 colors.

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