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EXM-DDO8UT output module

Proface EXM-DDO8UT Manual And Instructions
EXM-DDO8UT User's Manual

Proface EXM-DDO8UT Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Proface
Name: output module
Output point: 8 point transistor (NPN).
Rated output voltage: DC24V.
External connection: 10 pin terminal connector.
Public end design: 8 point /1 public end.

Display type: monochrome (blue / white) LCD.
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels.
Input voltage: DC24V.
Display features: blink / reverse display.
Contrast adjustment: 8 level adjustment can be carried out through the touch panel. Screen size: 12.1 inches.
Display type: TFT color LCD.
Display color: 256 color (no flash) /64 color (3 speed flicker) EXM-DDO8UT.
Backlight: CCFL (service life: more than 50000 hours, 24 hours of continuous work) EXM-DDO8UT
Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels.
Brightness control: 4 level adjustment can be carried out by touch panel.
Voltage: AC220V.
Internal memory: FLASH EPROM 4MB.
Backup memory: 256KB SRAM.
Interface: Ethernet, CF card. "Size: 5.7 inches.
Display type: single color (blue) LCD.
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA) EXM-DDO8UT.
Display color: monochrome (8 gray level).
Power supply: DC24V.
Interface: USB (TYPE-A), RS-232C, RS-422/485 (MPI).
ID management and operation log reduces downtime.
Improve the operation mode, reduce the cost and workload.
Analysis of failure causes according to the operation log.
Check register status on historical trend chart.
Drag and drop functionality makes the software interface easier to operate EXM-DDO8UT.
A variety of components to provide a variety of components, easy to create a beautiful picture.
In addition, there are a variety of 256 color components can be used.
Using the alarm log to quickly check and display the alarm message and register value, it is easier to find the cause of the fault.
Register value will be recorded when the alarm is issued.
Therefore, the state of the register and its value can be obtained while acquiring the alarm message.
A comparison of the data is helpful to find the cause of the fault.
These "sample parts" can be used directly, and the design time is greatly reduced.
According to ID number of easy access to the operation log, through the analysis of the operation to improve production efficiency.
Use ID based on the number of authorized mode of operation, can be recorded when, who performed the operation.
Using this data, you can analyze the causes of all the faults that have occurred.
Brightness adjustment: 8 level adjustment can be carried out by touch panel.
You can easily and intuitively set the address by dragging and dropping the mouse.
In addition, click on the use of the address can be displayed on the screen number and part number EXM-DDO8UT.
Click the part number to jump to the screen using the widget.
The same software supports all 3000 series of Pro-face man-machine interface.
From the sscreen to create the programming, the functions are simple and easy to use EXM-DDO8UT.
Learn a software, master all the skills.
Support efficient image creation. "

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