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Proface Proface GLC2300-TC41-24V Price

Brand: Proface
Country: JAPAN
Name: Interface
Price: 0
Proface GLC2300-TC41-24V
When the man-machine interface is installed to the hard panel to provide dust and moisture proof function (1)Suitable for A/B+ Type modelsInput points: 4 point relay (NPN/PNP type).
Rated input voltage: DC42V.
Rated input current: 7.3mA/DC24V.
Output points: 4 point relay output.
Public end design: 4 point /1 public end. Display size: 3.4 inches.
Display color: STN monochrome LCD16 gray level.
Resolution: 200 x 80 pixels GLC2300-TC41-24V
Backlight: Green / orange / red.
Touch screen type: resistance type (analog).
Storage space: 2.2MB.
Interface: ethernet.
Rated voltage: DC24V.
Backlight color scheme and interface type!
Two groups of 3 color backlight and serial port or Ethernet interface combination, a total of 8 models to choose from.
Horizontal or vertical installation options!
GP4100 can be installed horizontally or vertically, and can be used flexibly in many occasions.
Resolution of 200 x 80 pixels, small characters can be clearly displayed, so that the picture editing more flexible.
Image font support multi language features, can clearly and beautifully display a variety of languages.
You can display messages in an image font so that it is easy to read.
With bitmap fonts and image fonts can make the figures show more clearly.
The use of 16 gray level components, you can create a clear and easy to operate the screen.
Provide a variety of graphics for screen design selection, so that the running state at a glance.
Using 16 gray, can clearly show the JPEG and BMP images.
Can create a unique start screen. 12 way 2 digital signals into analog signals and output resultsInput points: 2 points.
External connection: 11 pin terminal connector
Input type: voltage input: DC0 to 10V, current input: DC4 to 20mA.
Input voltage: DC24V.
Screen size: 3.5 inches.
Display type (resolution):65536 color TFT (QVGA 320 x 240 pixels).
Touch panel type: analog resistance.
Memory: 8MB (internal memory), SRAM128KB (backup memory).
Ethernet interface: 1.
Serial port: RS-232C * 1, RS-422/485 * 1.
SD card slot (max 32GB):1.
USB interface: No.
Replaceable battery: no (rechargeable battery).
Alarm analysis function block: No.
Panel opening size:
Wide 156 x high 123.5mm (+1/0mm).
Panel thickness: 1.6-5mm, chamfer radius is less than R3.
Coating models: none.
Easily connect a variety of USB devices
Can be easily connected to the man-machine interface serial controller, EZ series accessories, bar code reader and USB memory.
Remote data acquisition and management
Human machine interface, which is installed on the production machine,
With EX Microsoft software combined with Office Pro-Server and SQL and other standard PC software,
Can be simple and economical to establish a set of data management system, and effectively improve the quality of production and efficiency.
GLC2300-TC41-24V Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=GLC2300-TC41-24V&select=5

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