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Proface Proface CA4-ATM10-01 Price

Brand: Proface
Country: JAPAN
Name: Panel opening adjusting bracket
Model: CA4-ATM10-01
Price: 0
Proface CA4-ATM10-01
For the direct connection of the MITSUBISHI A series CPU PLC (not to be used at the same time, the programmer) length: 5 meters.Expansion module for the GP3000 access to the CANopen network and communication with the CANopen master stationUsed for converting the D-Sub 9 pin convex joint to the D-Sub 25 pin concave joint"Screen size: 10.4 inches.
Power supply voltage: AC220V.
Display type: TFT color LCD CA4-ATM10-01
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels.
Display color: 256 color.
Internal memory: FEPROM 4MB.
Backup memory: SRAM 256KB.
Interface: CF card, Ethernet, serial port expansion, video function (optional).
High definition picture resolution function menu for beginners to learn programming design.
The parts list and edit images are in the same window,
So you can use a simple drag and drop action,
Pull the parts into the edit screen to quickly and easily configure the components you need.
Move the mouse to the appropriate parts of the image, there will be a description of the operation of the parts,
Help you make the edit screen.
GP2000 advanced technology.
Touch screen operation.
Online multi language switch.
Windows font input.
256 color display.
4 channel video screen display, 1 RGB input, 1 RGB output.
Bar chart, scale chart, pie chart and trend chart.
Active window.
Support the Eurasian font.
Backlight lamp fault detection function.
JPEG image uptake.
Transmission of JPEG format files through the network.
SRAM data backup.
The use of CF production data exchange.
ADO/DDE/DLL/OPC/SQL instant data collection (Pro-Server).
"" "GP-Web" through the Internet / Intranet for remote monitoring.
The CF card maintenance screen data.
Maintain screen data through ethernet.
Data record.
Formula function.
Alarm message history. "Controller CANopen models: bit variable input: 512 points, the output of a bit: 512 point, integer variable input: 128 point, integer variable output: 128 points, connectors: D-Sub 9 pin (convex type).
Specification: DC24/C (control) level models.
Display type: TFT color LCD (Gao Liangdu).
Display size: 10.4 inches.
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA).
Display color: 65536 color (no flicker) /16384 color (flashing).
Backlight: cold cathode lamp (replaceable).
Brightness adjustment: 8 level adjustment can be carried out by touch panel.
Variable area: 64KB SRAM (using lithium battery).
Program area: EPROM 132KB FLASH.
Step number: equivalent to 15000 steps.
Touch panel type: resistance type (analog).
Simulated running status on PC.
Use PC simulation function, do not need to transfer the picture to GP,
You can check all the functions of GP on the PC - including the screen operation, D script, logical script.
Record machine status to diagnose error causes.
GP3000 series of M (Multimedia) level models of the event recording function can be recorded in the operation of the device,
This will help save and analyze the error log.
Rich sample images can reduce programming time.
Pro-face provides a large number of sample images and 3D parts,
So you can easily create a beautiful and intuitive picture, in order to save editing time.
Can improve the efficiency of the 5 functions.
Using EX GP-Pro can easily create a clear picture and save the creation time.
Screen and logic programming software EX GP-Pro interface is very friendly,
The drag and drop feature makes the software interface easy to operate.
EX GP-Pro powerful features, such as 3D simulation components, image fonts and simulation functions,
Even beginners can easily and quickly grasp how to create a picture.
CA4-ATM10-01 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=CA4-ATM10-01&select=5

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