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Proface Proface AGP3300-S1-D24-D81K Price

Brand: Proface
Country: JAPAN
Name: 5.7 Inch Touch Screen (NPN model)
Price: 0
Proface AGP3300-S1-D24-D81K
COM1 interface with the cable (RS-232C), used to connect directly to the SYSMAC connection module (or other host)Portable GP2000H series models accessories, RS-232 cable with D-Sub connector (3 meters).Adapter for converting an audio output portion of a AUX adapter into a Jack Pin socket.Display size: 5.7 inches.
Display type: monochrome LCD.
Display color: blue and white.
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels AGP3300-S1-D24-D81K
Input voltage: DC24V.
Control memory: EPROM 1MB FLASH.
Program area: 128KB.
Variable area: 32KB.
Interface: built-in DIO 32 points (16 point input /16 point output, type NPN) NETWORK +FLEX interface. With the installation of screws (4 / sets), for the GP4000 series back mounted to the fixed panel models. (2 / set)7.0/7.5 inch screen protective cover (1 pieces)GP2500S useUse external output for the GP3000 series of auxiliary connectors (5 / sets).For 5.7 inch models, connect the connector to the DIO interface. For connecting external I/O devices. (5 / set)Used in a variety of host and man-machine interface for RS-232C connection15 inches, GP installed to the hard panel to provide dust and moisture proof function.Extension cable for connecting USB (Mini-B) interface to front panel.Disposable film (5 sheets / sets) for protecting screen against contamination of human computer interfaceDisposable film (5 sheets / sets) for protecting screen against contamination of human computer interface."Compact, serial RS-232C, white / Pink / red three color LED backlight.
Input voltage: DC24V.
Screen size: 3.4 inches.
Display type (resolution):STN monochrome LCD (200 x 80 pixels).
Touch panel type: analog resistance.
Memory: 2.2MB (internal memory).
Ethernet interface: No.
Serial port: RS-232C.
SD card slot (max 32GB): No.
USB interface: Type-A x (2) USB 1, Mini-B USB (2) x 1.
Replaceable battery: no (rechargeable battery).
Alarm analysis function block: No.
Coating models: none.
The use of drag and drop operations, can be easily shared between the man-machine interface and the control program of the symbolic register data,
Make the programming process intuitive and efficient.
In addition, the common and special control function is defined as the function block, which simplifies the design of the control system.
The man-machine interface picture is directly connected with the control program, which can realize the efficient programming.
6 Display Module 2 host module, can realize the 12 kinds of "intelligent platform".
Modular design, display module and the host module can be split,
Therefore can be replaced respectively.
Display module and host module free combination, function and size of flexible. "
AGP3300-S1-D24-D81K Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=AGP3300-S1-D24-D81K&select=5

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