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Proface AST3201-A1-D24 Proface AST3201-A1-D24

Controller DIO (NPN model):6 point type NPN input, 2 point NPN type output, connector: 12 pin.
Specification: DC24/C (control) level models.
Display type: STN pseudo color LCD.
Display size: 5.7 inches.
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA).
Display color: 4096 color.
Brightness adjustment: cold cathode lamp (backlight lamp replacement: return to repair) AST3201-A1-D24.
Touch panel type: resistance typpe (analog).
Easily upgrade.
GP/ST series supports GP series of all models of the screen data, including the first generation of the GP10 series AST3201-A1-D24.
GP product family to maintain the size of the opening of the panel compatibility, to facilitate easy replacement.
No need to open the control panel, through the PLC to monitor the GP program.
Through the data through the GP function, you can easily debug the ladder program and adjust the data due to changes in the production line by GP easily AST3201-A1-D24.
Error visualization.
The controller is directly connected to the GP, and the key error information of the controller can be displayed on the GP by using the sample unit.
Simulated running status on PC Proface AST3201-A1-D24.
Use PC simulation function, do not need to transfer the picture to GP,
You can check all the functions of GP on the PC - including the screen operation, D script, logical script.
Providing operation and maintenance instructions through video mode, which can save maintenance cost Proface AST3201-A1-D24.
The operation and maintenance instructions provided by the video mode can make any operator easy to master the operation method.
Remote operation and monitoring in the Office
In the office or other remote side can monitor the production site of the GP screen.
Without picture editing or programming, you can achieve real-time management and monitoring, and now, you can also provide more efficient remote maintenance control Proface AST3201-A1-D24.
Rich sample images can reduce programming time.
Pro-face provides a large number of sample images and 3D parts,
So you can easily create a beautiful and intuitive picture, in order to save editing time.
Data transmission using USB memory.
In the production site using USB memory can be easily transferred to the production line change and change the screen data.
Can improve the efficiency of the 5 functions.
Using EX GP-Pro can easily create a clear picture and save the creation time.
Screen and logic programming software EX GP-Pro interface is very friendly,
TThe drag and drop feature makes the software interface easy to operate AST3201-A1-D24.
EX GP-Pro powerful features, such as 3D simulation components, image fonts and simulation functions,
Even beginners can easily and quickly grasp how to create a picture.
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