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Touch screen anti ultraviolet protective film (1 pieces).3.5 inch screen protective cover (1 pieces)
Mounting screws (4 sets) to be fitted to the hard panel at the interface of the machine.GP4000E series entry-level programmable man-machine interface.
Screen size: 10 inch widescreen.
Display type: TFT color LCD PFXGP3500LAD.
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels (WVGA).
Display color number: 65536 color.
Backlight: LEED.
Internal memory: EPROM FLASH 32 MB.
Backup memory: EPROM FLASH 128 KB.
Interface: RS-232C, RS-422/485, Ethernet, USB PFXGP3500LAD.
Voltage: DC24V.
Easy to direct.
GP4000E full range of standard Ethernet, can be connected to a variety of industrial controller,
Such as PLC, motion controller, robot, vision sensor, etc..
Expanding business.
All hardware can be used to create the required EX GP-Pro screen PFXGP3500LAD.
All hardware equipment using the same development platform, is conducive to the development of new business.
Reduce the burden of CPU PLC.
GP4000E series can use internal logic programming function (ladder diagram programming) to reduce the burden of CPU PLC Proface PFXGP3500LAD.
More humanized design.
USB1 (A Type) on the lock and prevent the U disk to drop the lock screw.
Sliding type battery cabin, so that more convenient to replace the battery.
3 communication interface (1 network port, serial port 2), not only can be directly connected with the PLC,
And can be directly connected with other controllers (SCM, thermostat),
Helps to reduce the cost of the modules to be added after connecting these controllers with PLC Proface PFXGP3500LAD.
Take time for the bad production environment
Low power consumption, no heat sink holes, effectively reduce dust and water vapor intrusion Proface PFXGP3500LAD.
PCBA reinforced coating process (fully automatic mechanical coating),
Farewell to the use of dust, humidity and other harsh environment concerns.A veneer, for the GP4000 series back loading models of full flush (white, 1)7.4 inches, replace the backlight (1 / set)SP-5700TP+SP-5B40 combination.
Screen size: 15 inches (XGA).
Multi touch: support.
Windows applications: support.
Application storage space: 64MB (SD card).
Video / audio: support.
CFast card: 2.
SD card: 1.
USB interface Type-A:4.
USB interface Mini-B:2.
Serial port: 2.
Ethernet port: 2.
Rated voltage: DC24V.
SP-5700TP+SP-5B10 combination.
Screen size: 15 inches (XGA).
Multi touch: support.
Windows applications - -.
Application storage space: 64MB (CFast card).
Video / audio: -.
CFast card: -.
SD card: 2.
USB interface Type-A:3.
USB interface Mini-B:2.
Serial port: 2.
Ethernet port: 2.
Rated voltage: DC24V.
High performance display module, equipped with brightness sensor, support multi touch operation and automatic scaling.
Display module and host module free combination, function and size of flexible!
With the continuous improvement of the performance of the machine, production management and preventive maintenance of the operation of the use of data, the growing popularity of the cloud, big data
Is coming to the first line of productioon PFXGP3500LAD.
Pro-face with a very forward-looking design, launch a new product "intelligent man-machine interface, to achieve a wider connectivity before.
SP5000 series supports multiple formats of data, and can transmit data in an appropriate format.
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